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Hey, it’s Aurelius Tjin with a special message for you.

As you know, creating products isn’t always easy which is why PLR products are so useful.

Imagine not having to create a single product ever again. How would that feel?

Let me introduce to you…

The Unstoppable PLR Lifetime Membership

With an Lifetime Membership, you’ll truly get “unstoppable” amounts of PLR products. You’ll have complete access to ALL our private label rights products we’ve ever released PLUS access to all future PLR products we release!

Just check out sheer amount of PLR products I released in the past which you’ll get yours hands on:


Crazy, right?

Here’s What You’re Going To Get…

Instant access to ALL 100+ PLR products, all zipped and ready for you to download.

On average, I release a brand new PLR three times a month. Yep, so that’s three new PLR products you’ll get access to without paying a single dime.


I figured, 100+ products might not be enough for some.

So here’s what I’ve done for you…


You’re also going to get access to 30 PLR products from our partner site –

Just take a look at some of the PLR products we’ve released:


That’s a total value of $810.00 you get as a bonus!


So The Big Question Is…How Much For All This?

Just think for a second about the time and money you would have to invest in getting a product created.

  • Getting content written would cost you at least $250 for a 40 page eBook written by a U.S. writer.
  • Getting your product and website designed, another $100.
  • A copywriter to write the sales page and squeeze page, perhaps $300 if you’re lucky.

All up, it could realistically set you back about $500-$1000 per product.

However, my team and I have done all the hard work for you so you can focus more on working on more important parts of your business.

Plus, you’re getting access to over 90 high-quality products!

I was sitting out trying to figure out a fair deal, and I said, this could all easily sell for $997, considering how much work and effort has been put into creating each and every PLR product.

But I realized $997 might not be affordable for some, especially if you’re just starting out.

So what I’m going to do is hand you access to the Lifetime membership which includes 100+ PLR products for a tiny $1,497 $1,997 one-off OR 2 easy payments of $1097 OR 3 easy payments of $749

That’s it. No recurring payments. Ever. No membership fees. You simply get LIFETIME access. Think of it as an investment towards your business.

You’ll be the first to get access to new products, too. It’s like being first in the que of thousands of eager shoppers waiting for a sale.

Let’s Summarize What You’re Going To Get

As an Unstoppable PLR Lifetime Member, you’re getting access to:

  • 100+ PLR Products
  • Access to all future PLR products I release (Remember, I release at least 3 new PLR products a month)
  • Access to 30 x PLR products.

Become A Lifetime Members Right Now!

Option A: 1 Payment of $1997 (SAVE $197.00)


Option B: 2 Easy Payments (2 x $1097)


($1097 charged today and a final $1097 charged same time next month)

Option C: 3 Easy Payments (3 x $749)


($749 charged today then $749 charged in 30 days and a final $749 30 days after prior)


By purchasing, you agree to the following terms:

1) REFUND POLICY: Due to the nature of this sale and offer (access to all products in bulk), there are no refunds. It’s to protect the value of the products and my customers who have purchased these products. This is for serious buyers only.

2) INCLUSIONS: You will receive all products advertised on this page. You will also receive future PLR products released by Unstoppable PLR and Aurelius Tjin. You do not get access to products we do not own.

After your purchase, you’ll get access to ALL the 100+ PLR products and a ViralPLR PLR products.

To Your Unstoppable Success,

Aurelius Tjin

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